Tax is nothing but it’s a compulsory financial contribution to the governmental that is you have to pay to the government in monetary form for public services. That is applied to all citizens of the country to pay their all small and big amount of tax to the government i.e. from common man to richest business person of the country.

Types of Tax:

Mainly taxes are two types

Direct Tax: Direct taxes is that tax which is directly paid to the government by individual and organizational taxpayers like, Corporation tax, income tax, wealth tax etc.

Indirect Tax: This types of taxes majorly applied on sales of goods and services or Manufacturer like customs duties, excise duties on production, sales tax or value added tax etc.

 How your business and services taxes cannot be burden?

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Taxulo role in back tax settlement

The IRS can be very intimidating. The Internal Revenue Service is the only entity that can legally seize your Assets without any court judgment. Tax problems can occur with a variety of reasons, health, job loss, divorce, or reduction of income. Tax liabilities can quickly add up to what feels to be an insurmountable amount based on your assets and/or income. We have been very successful in making sure the IRS will not take more than what you can afford. Let us fix your tax problems.

Taxulo is deeply committed to helping individuals and businesses solve a variety of tax related challenges, from dealing with the Internal Revenue Service to dealing with businesses’ Sales Tax problems. We will wisely asses your exclusive situation, clarify all your options and come up with a endorsement to best suit you. Taxulo help clients manage their financial futures sensibly, whether they come on board for an interim period to stabilize a struggling company or to fill the CFO role during the process of finding and hiring a full-time or part time financial executive.